Sunday, 26 April 2009

Brand new animal pics

Baby bawbaws

Stray Tigger

Stray Tiggers' ma and new siblings


  1. Awww! I love kitties and cows. My daughter just got a six month old heifer to show.

  2. Cows are such softies, even the fully grown ones are big kids.

  3. I used to have a phobia about cows, I was terrified of them. Now it's lessened, to where I can pet them at a county fair.
    However, now I am terrified of chickens. Terrified. Perhaps I was abused by Colonel Sanders as a child.

  4. Leeann, I can understand the cow thing, I get a little edgy when a herd of them stampedes towards me, they're only trying to be friendly but they can crush you in the process...chickens, you say?

  5. chazza said: ahh, just gorgious. . .absolutely gorgious! Love your photies. .

    You captured in each pic each of their individual characters. . .im broody for a little girl kitty. . .do you deliver to UK? Xxx

  6. Chazza, you'd better take one before they turn wild - just about got Tigger tamed to coming within 2 feet of me :-)

    Don't know what sex they are get, Mama growls when I go near them.