Wednesday, 8 August 2012

DSLR Lost For 3 Years In Creek Finds Way Back To Owner

Last month, Vermont resident John Noerr stumbled upon a Canon XT DSLR sitting on the bottom of a small creek. When tried accessing the beat up memory card inside, he was surprised to find that it still worked. There were 581 images on the card, with the most recent one dating back to June 2009 — the camera had been sitting lost underwater for roughly three years. Using two photos showing a house number and a street sign, Noerr was able to locate the neighborhood on Google Street view. He then looked up public tax records, which revealed the last name of the house’s owner. Finally, Noerr searched for the last name on Google, leading him to a Twitter account of a woman whose profile photo matched one of the self-portraits on the camera. His message to the woman? “I think I found your camera in a stream in the Adirondacks” Turns out it was the woman’s brother, Michael Comeau, who had lost the camera back in 2009 after dropping it from a bridge during a camping trip.


  1. It's kinda scary how easy it is to stalk someone these days.

    1. Sue, if I had a stalker who went to that much bother I think I might invite them in and offer them a cup of tea