Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Someone Please Explain


  1. As far as I can tell...
    'LOOK TO THE MOON' I realized that is what he was trying to tell me. I looked around for the moon, only to see three moons in the sky, 1 blue 1 yellow, and 1 red as blood. As i glanced at each moon, i felt a different sensation wash over me. Blue: calm, serenity, and the sound of water washing up on sandbeds....Yellow: fear of the unknown, and what is to come in my future.... RED: was the most disturbing. As I looked to the Red moon, my vision suddenly just flew me into the moon, where I could see only red flame and hear unsettling sound from beyond my line of vision... I suddenly felt the need to close my eyes, and when I did so, I saw a scenario of myself struggling in water, seemingly like I was drowning? As soon as I saw this, i was transported back to the 'world' where there was now only one moon, and the feeling of many things around me at all times, even though I could no longer see them. For hours I contemplated life, until the trip began to make me nauseous. I vomited after about 12 hours into the trip.

    1. ...So it's not the two guys from the Muppet Show, then? :)