Friday, 3 March 2017

Good Ole Grandma


  1. Think of the labor and love that went into that vest. Darned if I wouldn't wear it (to carefully-chosen venues) as a tribute.

    Besides -- I'd be the only kid on the block with one!

  2. That is a dilemma right there... On one hand....How many can say that they even HAVE a 90 year old grandmother, let alone one who can still sew them handmade clothes ? And the sad thing is that she has talent too ! Trust me on this one ... MY grandmother was definitely NOT gifted for this. Sooo... I kind of envy you. On the other hand... the poor woman does not know what people wear at parties nowadays, and your face wearing this gift from her shows it clearly, ha ha... Suggestion.... Have this transformed into a pillow for example,you can display it for others to admire,that way, you don't have to wear it, which I understand,but at the same time, you will still value her gift and have a memory to cherish after she is no more . Handmade gifts are rarer and rarer these days. Especially from grandmothers....

  3. That's the best thing I've seen today.