Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cow Scratcher


  1. What a COOL idea! These are milk cows, I believe, and to make their lives more pleasant - as this appears to - is GREAT!


  2. Hi Chris, they are milkers. The luxurious life of a modern cow - getting scratched all they like and being milked whenever they fancy...

  3. I want a rotating brush/backscratcher in my house.
    Or maybe I'll go live in a barn.

    With my knowledge of the mess that silly moos get themselves into, or splat onto each other, I'd say that brush is suspiciously clean. Seen here, it's a wonder, but in just a moment it could be the curse that spreads shit over an entire herd.

  4. Soubriquet, good point, a cow goes in for an arse scratch just at the wrong time...