Monday 29 September 2014

A Good Boy

Dogs Being Jerks To Kids

Cat Has Strange Meow

Here’s A Russian Man Feeding Cookies To A Bear Through His Window

Game Of Thrones Intro Reinvented With Man Eating Tomato Soup

Pancake Flute

Beatles Pancakes

JoeJoe The Capybara Has An Icepop And A Bath

Deb's Hand Decorated Christmas Sweaters

YEOOOWLL In 3...2...1...

Thursday 25 September 2014

Mushrooms And Their Magical World

Blue-Eyed Jacket Puppy

iPhone 6 Dali Edition

Facebook In 2014 By Pawel Kuczynski

This Dog Looks LIke Richard Branson

Paparazzi Thwarting Reflective Visor

Someone Found A Very Old Lunch In An Air Duct

Artist, Paul Smith, With Cerebral Palsy Uses Typewriter To Paint

Dog Attacks Cat Every Time Man Uses Ice Machine

This story is familiar. The version I know involves my da passing the newspaper to my ma

Never Bring Fritos To The Beach

A Day In The Life Of Ed, The Ginger Kitten