Saturday 31 May 2014

Car Appears From Nowhere

Teeny Tiny Bonsai

Mud Mural By Artist, Yusuke Asai

The Wall Art Project is a non-profit organization based in Tokyo who organizes Wall Art Festival (WAF), an initiative to bring art into schools in places like India and Tibet. The Japanese artist Yusuke Asai, who paints with basically anything he can get his hands on (tape, pens, leaves, dust and mud…) was asked to travel to the Niranjana School in Bahar (east India) to create a mural on the walls of a classroom.

Baby Finger Babble

Wayne White's Douchebag Art

How To Introduce Two Cats

Game Of Thrones Doge Biscuit

It Has A Name

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Cookie Monster

Thanks Paul Scott

Girl Is Surrounded By Dolphins While Wakeboarding

Aug(De)Mented Reality

When In Rome

Thanks Donna McGarel

Apex Predator Shoe Sculptures

Dog Hates Alarm Clock

Sperm Whales Sleeping

Ham Face Disease. Please Share For Cure

Tardis Cookies