Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Hair Growth Time Lapse

Again, sorry for lack of posts and blog updates

Having just received an email complaining about my blog list being out-of-date, I would like to reiterate my situation.
1.  On the 10th May 2015 I had my first child, who takes up most of my time (which he should). At the time I mentioned that the blog would be neglected.
2. Last year I started my own business which I maintain while minding my child, taking up even more time.

3. With another child due next month, the blog is likely to get into a worse state of neglect, which I won't be annoyed about at all.

4. Although I enjoy the blog, it neither plays the bills or raises my child so if you can't take it as it is, it's maybe not for you.

Here are some current links, if it's links you want ;)