Thursday 23 October 2008

Kuckoo Kerry Katona

Disco biscuits

Creepy abandoned futuristic village in Taiwan

On the very northernmost coast of Taiwan lies the spookily bizarre San Zhi resort, which consists entirely of circular, multi-coloured pods stacked on top of one another. Furthermore, these strange habitats have been completely abandoned for a number of years, and are slowly rotting away into nothing.

One story says that the project had to be abandoned after several fatal accidents occurred during construction, and according to local rumours, this ghost city is now haunted by those who died building it.

There seems to be very little actual information about these buildings available online (at least in English), but they may have been built by the government in the early 80s “in an attempt to position this as a luxurious holiday location for the rich of Taipei”. The concept behind the strange design might have been that they could expand the buildings vertically as required, simply by adding more pods on top.

Saturday 11 October 2008

Can I have a suitable mousemat please?

I have pushed the boat out and treated myself to an optical mouse (the inside of the old one did resemble a mouse, oddly enough). Any suggestions on what to use as a mousemat, it isn't taking to the Avon book very well and my desk is full of little holes. The old mousemat was all rubbery and it didn't worky too.

A hardbacked diary done the trick (solid colour)

Friday 3 October 2008

F*** the rain umbrella


A now...a highland fling on the ceiling for the visually impaired

part of the Dancing on the ceiling collection.

Don't bother zooming in for hairy legs, I have photoshopped them off.

Broadband cancelled

I'm being cut-off, have to find another supplier now - Oooh the drama!

Back soon, hopefully - don't be hurting yourselves on the internet while I'm away.

Awareness test

Orange b*****ds

Don't ever, ever, ever, ever, start up a contract with Orange, they are a shower of fuckwits. I am now struggling to cancel my contract with them but they are reluctant to let me. My only choice is to flood them with email as a phonecall to them is the most frustrating thing on the planet. Here are some of the email replies today to the same question (I sent it about 10 times yesterday)

Reply 1

As per the records, it states that a line test has been conducted and the concerned team who is investigating on this matter tried to call you on 2nd October 2008 however you were not available.

Reply 2

As per our records we see that you had received a call from our technical support team regarding the fault and was advised to wait for 24 to 48 hours for the line test results.

Reply 3

As per the records, it states that a line test was conducted for slow speed issue and the fault has been closed so we request you to contact Wireless and Talk technical support on 0844 873 8586 option 1/5/4/1(Lines are open from 8AM to 11PM, 7 days a week, calls are charged at 5 pence per minute) for further assistance as being a web support team we have limited access to the required tools.

Reply 4

We request you to contact our Wirelss and Talk Technical Support on 0844 873 8586 options 1,5,4,1 who will be able to perform a line test on your line as all diagnostic steps have been done, the timings are 8am to 11pm, 7 days a week and the calls are charged at 5p per minute flat rate

Reply 5

If you are enquiring about registering to our Broadband service the link below will provide all the information, and answers to any questions you have.??????

They really have a fucking clue. Somehow they did and didn't call me yesterday to perform the (closed) line test. truth!

Update: I have received a phone call from an Orange adviser asking if I wished to close my account...he transferred me to an operator who told me it was the wrong department.

New X-rated film

The scaaaaandal!


Granny kicks baby compilation


Thursday 2 October 2008

Some Lolcats

I forgots how good dey weres

Need glasses?

Confectionary secret down-sizing conspiracy

As I dunk my Rich Tea biscuit into my cup of out-of-date typhoo tea, I discover to my horror they have changed! They're all thin in the middle and sort of...Holey...I'm not sure when they changed but as no-one told me I feel cheated. Has anyone else noticed? Who do I complain to? Ach sure i'll call Orange again and take it out on them.

Don't even get me started on Wispas.

Some Photoshoppery

Inspired by this post I have made one of my own.

Reese Withercoon

Bad eating habits


Big paws wants his blankey back


Worst movie chase scene ever