Thursday 31 July 2014

Octopus Candle Holder

Salvaged Wooden Sheds

Leo Brooch - For The Very Brave

Sticky Buddy Parody

Thanks Annette Knapp

Dog Brakes

Underwater Photos Taken Off The Coast of Bali By Benjamin Von Wong

Cyberman Smoking A Fag

Fonhandle, The Handle For Your Phone

Also could double as a wing mirror/fly swat


Lap Mug

Sue Perkins One-Liner

Bored Cat

Wednesday 30 July 2014

5 or 6 Stores

Jack Black Is Watching You Poop

Yo Wassup!

Don't You Dare

The Ice Cream That Changes Colour As You Lick It

37-year-old Manuel Linares from Barcelona created ‘Xamaleón’ ice cream The treat, made from natural ingredients, initially comes in a blue shade Server adds a spray of ‘love elixir', as Mr Linares calls it, to change colour This transforms the ice cream into a dark pink shade in 10 to 15 seconds When the customer licks the ice cream, it again changes shade as it melts

Toesday's Cat Is Full Of Toe

Artist Isaac Cordal Leaves Miniature Cement Skeletons on the Streets of Mexico

Here, Let Me Halp

NASA Records Space Sounds

Thanks Gordon McClelland


Chihuahua Crunches Numbers...And Maybe A Pencil Or Two

Mopping - Doing It Wrong

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Never Noticed Those Before

Be Yourself

Weird Things In Outer Space

Tadpoles From Below By Bert Willaert

The Atlas Moth. Wingspans Can Reach Over 25cm (10 inches).

Hedy Lamarr Promo Shot For Ziegfeld Girl


Hedy also contributed to the invention of WIFI...
 Lamarr and her business partner, the composer George Antheil, were awarded a patent in 1942 for a "secret communication system". It was meant for radio-guided torpedoes, and the pair gave to the US Navy. It languished in their files for decades before eventually becoming a constituent part of GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

Emergency Hairclip

Yaakov Goldberg, an industrial design student at Israel’s Holon Institute of Technology, decided to take the basic barrette up a notch. He created a hair clip with several super-useful tool options.

A Wet Willie

Ruuuun Budgie!

I Will Get You, Unibrow