Wednesday 19 August 2009

Nice Head-Swap

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Australian Idol 2009

Pretty good stuff

Dye Pack Foils Art Thief

Award Time

I think Lemmy Caution made a typing error when he presented me with this award. It should have read "Honestly Crap".

Rules are I pass this on to 10 other people and list 10 honest facts about myself.

Rules is rules.

The worthy winners are:

1 Sober In A Nightclub
2 Cooper Green
3 Tri-ops
4 The Daily What
5 ├čench
6 Momentary Madness
7 Look At This...
8 Funktards
9 Fengtastic
10 Blame It On The Voices

Now the honest facts:

1 I have 7 cats, 6 of which are strays.
2 I can't walk down stairs without looking at the steps.
3 The nails on my little toes keep falling off.
4 I have a short-sighted and a long sighted eye.
5 At least once a day someone tries to write my car off.
6 My first single was Mull Of Kintyre.
7 I have approx 40 pairs of shoes.
8 My favourite hobby as a child was melting plastic bags over a bonfire on a stick and chasing my brother with them.
9 I saw a miniature pony shagging a pig at the zoo.
10 I go to Marmaris on 19th October - woohoo!