Thursday 30 October 2014


Act Natural, No One Will Notice

Like A One Night Stand In Reverse

Liam Gallagher Restrains A Cat

Goat Selfie

Ouija Broad



Ghosts, Spirits & Demons

Amityville Horror House

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Facebook Locking People Out Of Accounts And Requesting Photographs Of Government Issued ID

I take this as a hint to leave Facebook and you should too if you value privacy.

Alien Queen Cosplay

This Bird Landed On A Page About Itself

Time Capsule Message

Ghost In Our Kitchen?

I'm not sure what this is but saw something hazy looking around the window, took a photo to prove it wasn't my eyesight...and this came out :C

Generalissimo Francisco Divine

Box Of Spare Cats

Celebrities And Their Historical Twins


Scariest Pumpkin Ever

Gruesome Halloween Cakes

Grumpy Cat Halloween

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Smooth Criminal Cat

Buy My Volvo

Spot The Puppy

Most Annoying Snoring Ever

Glenn Danzzzig

Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume

Jaws Necklace

Korean Stamp

Beetlejuice Art

Redneck Retriever

Ruined Friday

Thanks David Birtles