Monday 30 September 2013

Jesus Frowns On Twerking

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The dance craze twerking has become such a problem in the small town of DeQuincy, Louisiana that city officials have made it illegal. Maynard Wilkens who is the Mayor of DeQuincy spoke to CNN about the ban on twerking that takes effect at midnight. “Twerking is a defiant act against Jesus and his teachings. The rest of the country can keep their heads in the sand about this sexual act before marriage, but not the great city of DeQuincy,” Wilkens said. “We will still allow dancing in DeQuincy, just no jigglin’, shakin’ and ‘dry humping’ anywhere in our city limits.”

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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Cashel Man Has Had The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders, Quite Literally, For 4,000 Years.

"Compressed by the peat that has preserved his remains, he looks like a squashed, dark leather holdall. Apart, that is, from one forlorn arm that stretches out and upward and tells us something of the deliberate and extremely violent death that he suffered 500 years before Tutankhamen was born. As part of that decommissioning, their nipples are mutilated" Eamonn Kelly National Museum of Ireland Cashel Man is now being studied at the National Museum of Ireland's research base in Collins Barracks, Dublin. He was discovered in 2011 by a bog worker in Cashel bog in County Laois.

Scientists say that there were significant clues to the social status of three bog bodies found in Ireland since the start of this century Clonycavan Man (L) was said to be wearing a type of expensive, imported hair gel Old Croghan Man (C) had finely manicured nails Cashel Man (R) was found very close to the inauguration site for the kings of Laois

"The bog is an amazing place," says Isabella Mulhall, who co-ordinates the bog bodies research project at the museum. "It is basically an anaerobic environment and the oxygen that bacteria feed off is not present, and therefore decomposition does not occur." The process of preservation though is complicated, involving several factors including Sphagnum moss, which helps extract calcium from the bones of buried bodies. Another critical element is acidity. "The pH levels vary in bogs and in some cases you may not get the bog mummy; you may get a bog skeleton," says Isabella Mulhall.

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French Ghost Town Deserted For 40 years - Thanks To Charles De Gaulle Airport

A commercial aeroplane flies over an abandoned 19th century manor in Goussainville-Vieux Pays. The ruin of the town is owed equally to modernisation and tragedy. In 1973, during the Paris Air Show, an aircraft crashed in the village, smashing into a row of 15 houses and a thankfully empty school. All six members of the crew on the plane perished and eight people on the ground were also killed. When the airport opened just a year later, residents fled, fearing an increase in plane crashes.

Bookseller Nicolas Mahieu poses inside his bookshop in Goussainville-Vieux Pays. Days go by without a customer in his over-stocked shop, but he supports himself by selling over the internet
A vintage postcard from 1915 shows the cafe "Au Paradis" in its heyday. Punters pose outside the establishment and the facade is decorated with two potted plants.
The run-down cafe "Au Paradis" (in Heaven"), its sign and paintwork faded over time
A letter box and a "Beware of the dog" sign are seen on a gate to an abandoned house yahoo
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