Wednesday 28 November 2007



Barf bag

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Interview questions

I have woke up from one of those kips I seem to be taking far too often these days, after having a dream about working in Dougies' Goodies, the cool bright pink bakery in Ballymena. Thing is, I did work in two bakeries for a few years and almost the first thing I saw online when I got to my computer was this, an interview guide.

crack interview questions

It was a slightly more enjoyable dream than the last one I had (Hanging onto a rope at a concert)

Is this a sign?

I make exceedingly good cakes.

Sunday 4 November 2007

The Baby-Setter

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MADYSON the Irish setter needed a whelping hand after giving birth to 15 pups – so her doggy pal became a surrogate mum.
English setter Liliana, six, helped lick the newborns clean and even began producing milk to feed her four-year-old chum’s offspring.
Owner Julie Murray said: “I was amazed. Liliana wasn’t even pregnant. I’ve been breeding dogs 30 years and never seen anything like it.”
Julie, 53, of Waterlooville, Hants, added: “Fifteen pups is too many for one mum. If Liliana wasn’t there I’d have to bottle-feed some.”
Carol Plumbly, a local kennel assistant, said: “It appears Liliana’s having a phantom pregnancy and her body’s acting as if she’s given birth. For a domestic dog, it’s very rare.”
Liliana is also taking care of another little one – an 11-day-old KITTEN called Lili whose mum died.
Julie said: “She’s very caring. She’d probably even do it for a rabbit.”

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