Sunday 31 August 2014


Nice Mushroom Diagrams

The Submeehh

Deaf-Blind Brazilian Watches World Cup Wuth Help From His Friends

Skull Coffee Grinder by AZRainman

Bird Skitters On Ice Cream, Twice

Willie Nelson

Dali Doodles

Sending Puppies To Those Who Need Them

42 North American Butterflies By Eleanor Lutz

Tuesday 26 August 2014

So I Turned Into A Toad

Hide & Seek Level: Expert

Dog Carries Shopping Bags From Car To House

Dictator Cat Scratch Tree Against Censorship

Playable Stamps

Known as the “first talking stamps” in 1972, these tiny vinyl postage stamps from Bhutan were totally playable and when the needle was put on the record stamp you heard Bhutan’s national anthem and a capsule history of the nation. Talking stamps were thin plastic embossed records with removable back to expose the adhesive.

Androids & Gals by Eugenia Loli

The Vegan Police

Thanks Stevie Wright