Sunday 31 January 2016

Bye January

Every Best Picture, Ever

She Ate A Bee

Errr Better Bring A Compass

How Pretty



Sprite Tree

A Laziness Of Segways

Supple Pair

Saturday 30 January 2016

Baby Bass

Fancy A Drink?

Goat Spits And Talks Gibberish

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog visits Attack of The Clones Premier

Young Girl Masters Dubstep Dancing By Watching Youtube Videos

A Popple

Sonic The Road Hog

Major Spoiler

Mochi The Guard Pug

Thursday 28 January 2016

Can You Find The Six Hidden Words In Each Picture?

100 Amazing Bass Lines 2


Tiny Shih Tzu Play Fights With Man

Sad Crafting: "Always" Snape Tribute Necklace

"You Can Never Tell If It's Her Or The Dog Coming Up The Hallway"

Sam The Dancing Barista

When he was offered a position to work at Starbucks Sam told his parents that for the first time in his life. That his life had real meaning.

Sam was diagnosed with autism and like some people with autism Sam has a movement disorder. Sam has a hard time keeping his body still. Sam never thought that he would be able to work behind the bar because of his sudden movements but his manager Chris believed in him and got Sam to channel his movements into dance.

It has taken Sam and Chris a lot of shifts and hours to get Sam to do what he is doing in the video. Sam is now known as the dancing barista. If it wasn't for Chris believing in Sam he would of never believed in himself.

More people like Sam need to be seen, heard and given a chance to thrive and dance."

Bro Mower