Friday 14 August 2015

87-Year-Old Woman Loves Painting Houses

Agnes Kasparkova, a grandmother from the Czech village of Louka, in South Moravia, is a perfect example. At age 87, the adorable artist still spends most of her free time doing what she likes most – hand-painting her neighbors’ houses with traditional motifs. Agnes Kasparkova retired from her work in agriculture 30 years ago, and has been painting houses ever since. Despite her frail hands, she manages to brighten up every building she works on with intricate ultramarine designs. “I’m just doing what I like,” she says, humbly. “I try to help decorate the world a bit.” 

Little Kid Rides Off On A Sheep

Monday 10 August 2015

Strong Hug

Loughguile Hurler Liam Watson In MoneySupermarket Wedding Shoot

 This is from my part of the world

Baby Jamie Geno Says Thank You

 That toy looks realistic
Baby Jamie Likes Classical
 Bathtime toys!
You're doing it wrong!
Brushie brushie
Pull ups
Master Jamie turns 3 months today and asked me to show you how he is putting the gifts from his wishlist to good use :) He is not sorry I have less time on the internet these days, he considers blogging to be a waste of time unless they contain bobos or dodos.