Wednesday, 5 August 2015

RIP Cilla Black


  1. I'll have to admit, even though her name was familiar, I really didn't know who she was. I've since listened to some of her songs and while I read that "You're My World" made the U.S. charts, I don't recall ever hearing it before - and I had older sisters who were teens when it came out, so I thought it would be something I had heard. She certainly was a beautiful young woman.

    A British friend of mine on Facebook had a lovely tribute, but someone left a comment castigating Black for being a Margaret Thatcher supporter and Conservative earlier in her life. Good grief, have people no respect, esp. for the dead? Why can't someone have a different opinion?

    1. I think she was mainly famous in UK. Had some great TV shows in her time. Aaagh who cares about politics, each to their own :)