Sunday, 9 August 2015

This Raccoon Will Wash Anything In His Basin


  1. We had several pet coons when I was growing up; my pop would find abandoned or orphaned baby raccoons and would bring them home. I always figured it was because he used to hunt them and raise coon dogs and felt guilty about it.

    They DO wash just about everything and even if they don't have water, they'll go through the motions of washing their food.

    There's an old saying about raccoons that's absolutely true: what they don't tear up, they'll (crap) on. They're fun to watch, but they really don't make good pets or like to be loved on. They'll sit on your lap or shoulders but will hang a fang in you if you handle them roughly or surprise them.

    I wrote a story about raccoons (well, a part of them, anyway) in my blog: B for Baculum

    1. My word, Mike. I've learned something new today!