Thursday, 5 February 2009

Oh No


  1. A guy's wife gets tested at the doc's. Tests get mixed up. Doc calls her husband and says "Listen, we mixed up some tests. Your wife either has AIDS or Alzheimer's..."

    "Oh my fucking god, what do I do???" exclaims the husband.

    The doc says, "Listen, don't worry, just send her to the store. If she comes back, DON'T FUCK HER.

  2. Deadman, I like it. You sick man.

  3. Cooper, why are you wandering around outside in your pyjamas?

  4. A lady is talking to her dougther: "He did it again!. Tell me darling, What`s te name of this f*** german fellow who spends the whole day hidding all my things?".
    "Alzheimer, mom".

  5. Amugal, nice one! I can never remember jokes :-)


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