Friday 17 December 2010

Every Zombie Death From "Walking Dead"


  1. Next challenge: someone made a clip show of every oblique creepy reference made by Shane that he's porked Mrs Grimes. I fear it will be a longer video. x

  2. cachoo: LOL!

    Loved the comic, hated the show. Nice zombie kills, though. Yum.

  3. Cachoo, quite impressive, I'd like to see it with the Benny Hill theme tune.

    RS, I get excited about anything with zombies, I wouldn't notice it being bad at all.

  4. I second R.S.'s comments about hating the show and loving the comic.

    I don't hate the show because it was different than the comic. I mean, who wants to watch something that's a carbon copy?

    I hate the show because of the little stupid things, like knowing exactly where the CDC was located in Atlanta and leaving Morgan a map and directions (aren't they basically the same thing?) to the CDC on a car in a hot zone, a hot zone that you've just left because it's too dangerous and warned Morgan not to go into in the first place.

    R.S. and I have talked about this elsewhere and I know she shares these sentiments.

    I'm not willing to overlook these innanities simply because it's the only zombie show on teevee.

  5. Christopher, it helps if you watch it drunk. You don't notice the imperfections.