Monday, 14 February 2011



  1. same goes for chocolate : slave laboured as well
    and Nutella's hazelnuts are picked in turkey by child labour
    seen doc on dutch tv about it, worst is : nothing happened or changed afterwards. kids still doing that instead of going to school...
    (but hey, send 'em to school & they'll revolt like in Egypt or Tunisia!)

  2. Fuck turkish children and school...nutella is more important

  3. Peter, I've been to Turkey...that explains why they're so good to tourists children, thinking of their nut picking fingers.

    Sherlock, I won't use cosmetics or products tested on animals...but Nutella is a completely different story.

  4. nutella is of course very very yummy (exept when you read the calories on the packaging)

    & turks ? i would not know : i'm veggie (95%), and most certainly not a cannibal


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