Friday, 10 June 2011

Lack Of Posts Today

Sorry, my mouse has died and I'm finding navigation a bit tricky.


  1. Does your mouse navigator sit next to you in a tiny seat?

    For when you get in a bind.

  2. yup, typical : "ooh vegetarian", or "ooooh, vegan", but let poor animals do all the work - and when they die, too lazy to do the work themselves
    (really, no fish either ???)

  3. Damon, yes, but due to the strain of carrying me about, they don't last long.

    Jess, sometimes, I even let it browse the internet when I go to the toilet. I am armed with a new mouse (with no tail). Weeee!

    Peter, I know it sounds so cruel. It's all changed since the DOS days.

    Ben, where you thanking me for the lack of posts? I can't blame you ;-)

  4. Okay, how dopey am I? I came to the comments to offer my condolences on the death of your pet.


  5. travel by mouse im lmao over that comment

    at least its not by broom

  6. Chakolate, I suppose I didn't make it all that clear. Nothing ever comes out the way it's meant to when I'm around.

    Anon, mouse by summer, broom in the winter.


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