Thursday, 20 October 2011

The 1%


  1. Hounds my ass. The National Guard needs to be called out to immediately disperse the fucktards who are now costing those of us who actually PAY taxes millions to feed them and clean up after them.

  2. Actually it's we fucktard taxpayers that are subsidizing the gated communities' reduced tax rates, preferential schooling and police protection.

    I'm waiting for motorcycle gang "1%" patches to start invading the country club scene as a badge of plutocratic arrogance.

  3. Someone needs to drop a few bombs and start populating the world over again...Wonder if humans will be in charge next time...

  4. Obviously, Anonymous has no clue what the 1% designation means with regard to motorcycle gangs.

    Further, I find it curious that the "99%" and their supporters think that the "1%" pay little or no taxes, have preferential schooling or police protection that is not available to all of us. Obviously mayors across America are giving you louts plenty of police protection as you are still defecating in public for over a month now. And if you want "preferential schooling", work for it. How it is that you are owed anything for sitting on your asses smoking dope, fornicating in public and shitting on the street while you drum on trash cans is beyond me. Fuck off.

    Sorry, Joanne, I'm bloody sick of these whiny assholes.


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