Tuesday 24 January 2012

Iron Maiden On Jim'll Fix It

Thanks Robert Itts


  1. The track is nothing more then an argument between Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain and bassist Steve Harris (who's nickname is 'Arry), but it is hilarious. It was secretly recorded by Bruce Dickinson, after one of the shows on the World Piece Tour.
    During the show, Nicko was playing his drum solo. While he was doing that, Steve had some problems with his bass guitar. He sent the first guy who he saw to tell Nicko that he should extend his drum solo.
    The guy went to Nicko, but since he didn't know how to properly communicate with Nicko while he was playing, Nicko got confused and messed up his solo. He got angered by it, and he punched the guy after the show. Steve didn't like that, so they had an argument about it. When it had calmed down, Bruce walked in to ask what happened, and secretly recorded it. In the end, Steve is on to Bruce and says the immortal words "some cunt's recording this".


  2. Unrelated, but worth bringing up in case no Maiden fan has heard it.

  3. JC, class, hadn't heard that before, too funny :)

  4. mwahaha a day of carrying odd shape objects