Sunday 12 February 2012

Russian Banksy (P183) Recreates Chocolate Bar Cover



  1. I like Banksy.

    I have a tank top with the Banksy helicopter on it.

    My son did a college report on the Bansky (let them eat crack) rat.

  2. Hey Joanne

    I'm a real fan of this blog, I actually repost some of your stuff because it's original and qualitative. However I find it pretty disregarding for this artist to solely qualify him as "Russian Banksy"!

    His piece of art is really something and so you could at least post his name. Comparing artists is ok as far as we know their names, but here it just looks like a vulgarization of "graffiti" : banksy is not the only artist of this movement and the one who made this chocolate bar has a name of his own : Pavel 183.

    It took me only 5 seconds to find it through the interwebs!!

    Anyway, I will come again here and I hope this blog goes on, because it's a great way for me to take a pause from work!

    Cheers from Paris, France.

  3. Thanks Johnny,

    I had linked to more information about Pavel below the video (not sure if you noticed).

    All the best,