Sunday 25 March 2012

Daylight Savings


  1. If is actually a very good statement and very true.

  2. The reason must not have been very well explained:

    I guess Ben Franklin was "Government," then? The concept doesn't work today since our lights are on pretty much 24/7 anyway, but the original purpose was to increase the amount of daylight available and reduce the need for artificial light. Also, American Indian reservations observe it, so if it was so onerous, why do they do it?

    Besides, I can't find any attribution for this quote. One can agree or disagree with it all one likes, but it's got all the veracity of a story a traveling preacher tells about the time he met a satanist in a coffee shop.

  3. It's a likable quote. It doesn't make the day any longer, but I agree with adding an hour to the evening so I have some chance of seeing daylight after work.