Friday 21 September 2012

Advantage Of Living In Switzerland


  1. Joanne, I love your posts. Thanks for linking up with me on sonographers blog. I hope you get something out of my sporadic posts. I am a full time teacher and health care provider so I do not post as often as I should. If I retire I will become a FT blogger. Now, I do not see that happening. I have sent some pathetic requests to my other favorite bloggers to link up to me. My blog has generated a small town tea party worth of support. I promise to post more as I get older. Please send a note to Missy Cellinia, Miss Lydia, Jonco, and Gerard if you think putting me at the bottom of the blog roll is worthy. You folk's make my day at 4:00am. We have three cats, three dogs,a son and one wife. And a parrot.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Gizz. Glad someone appreciates all the time I waste, ha ha. Comment here and there on the other blogs, they are more likely to link if you become familiar to them. Some folk just link to humour sites. Good luck,