Monday, 22 October 2012



    Are they pitbulls or American bulldogs? What times are the puppies' mealtimes - we would love to watch them then. Are they still nursing? How old are they now? Where are you located? Thanks very much for your time and for sharing the view!
    The Jantezen Family

    1. Hi, not my video, but you could message them on Youtube. Some of the FAQ have been answered already

      Mini FAQ:

      Q: Who are these pups?
      A: This is Hope and her six adorable babies. She was surrendered by her owner to the South Los Angeles Shelter while pregnant. We at The Pet Collective, in collaboration with New Leash On Life animal rescue facility, rescued Hope as her puppies reached two weeks old. We named her Hope to inspire others to help provide some hope to shelter animals everywhere.

      Q: How old are the puppies?
      A: The dogs were born on Sunday, September 2nd.

      Q: How old is Hope?
      A: The veterinarian thinks she is about 3-4 years old.

      Q: What breed of dog is Hope and her puppies?
      A: Hope and her babies are all pit bull-mixes. Mom may have some English Bulldog in her, but we're not entirely sure.

      Q: I thought pit bulls were dangerous. How come Hope seems so sweet?
      A: Because she IS sweet! Pit bulls, like any dog, are sweet and loyal. Unfortunately, pit bulls have been given negative misconceptions by the media or by landing in the hands of irresponsible dog owners who mistreat and abuse them. Pit bulls are very loving and make great family pets!

      Q: Where did these rescue puppies come from?
      A: Rescue Group - New Leash On Life - South Los Angeles Animal Shelter -

      Q: Hope seems so skinny, is she okay?
      A: Hope was surrendered malnourished, but we are nursing her back to full health. Per her vet visit, she is very healthy! But we are feeding her to get her back to a more appropriate weight for a mom feeding six puppies.

      Q: What are their genders?
      A: Six baby boys! Momma's got her paws full!

      Q: Can I adopt one of them?
      A: YES!!! These puppies will be ready to be adopted out at 8 weeks old. Go to for more info!

      Q: Is there a vet to keep an eye on the puppies?
      A: The entire staff at NLOL are trained to detect anything minor that will be treated at the facility, and there are 24-hour emergency vets on call at all times for anything major. The puppies are under 24 hour supervision by highly trained professionals and a large network of fosters, volunteers and rescues. We do not recommend that others support a litter of newborn puppies without proper training, access to a qualified veterinarian, experienced professional guidance, and veterinary knowledge.

      Q: Where are the puppies?
      A: New Leash on Life is a full service animal rescue facility located in Southern California.

      Q: Why don't the puppies move? Are they okay?
      A: Puppies spend most of their time eating and sleeping for the first few weeks. Around 4 weeks old, they will start to develop and learn how to use their tiny little legs. Which means we'll have to get a bigger box.

      Q: Why do the fosters keep picking up the puppies and taking them out of the box?
      A: After the first couple weeks, the puppies need to be handled regularly to familiarize them with humans. This helps their general disposition and is very important to insure a healthy relationship toward people.

      Q: I can't see them, what happened to the feed?
      A: The Pet Collective are proudly pioneers in livestreaming 24/7 animals on YouTube, and it is a technical challenge, especially because we have to broadcast on location from where the pups are located. From time to time the feed will go down, but we strive to keep all technical interruptions to under 30 minutes, and we are careful to keep this description updated with the latest info on any major delays in the feed. Your patience is always appreciated, and you will get a TON of cute pups.

      Q: Are there other 24/7 live cams of cute animals?
      A: There sure are, and they are listed at the top of this description.