Friday 19 April 2013

...What Is This Thing You Call Work?

I find it's the lazy people who complain about how much they've done as they're not accustomed to it


  1. i complain, not because i'm lazy & not accustomed to it(work,) but because i look around me and see that i am working much harder, longer and perform with much more quality than those around me, yet get compensated the least. The higher up's can recognize my ethos and work ethic yet the peers resent the curve or standard i set.. things would be entirely different for me if i were one of them good ole boys with them and not such a natural existentialist (well before i even knew what it was-or even that it was a thing!)

    1. As someone once said, it's a pity there's not more than one of you!

      Years ago, I used to be a conscientious hard worker, no one even noticed, just the bullshitters got noticed by yakking about themselves. Then I died ;)