Tuesday 23 July 2013

Do It

"We're smooth, not sticky" ...? 


  1. Page 45 says "Chapter Three." (nothing else)

    Hm. My sex life will be chapter three?

    So I picked up the next nearest book:
    "Only the course and topsail yards on each mast were operated by winches."

    Mmmm. Note to self...
    Never trust what you read on the internet.

  2. To decrease the mathematical difficulty, the no-slip condition is partially relaxed in
    the analysis of inviscid flow.
    Hmmmmm.....is that so.....

  3. Damnittohell!

    "He scrambled clear of the ghargatula's mouth before his body could slip back into the sphere of solid matter."

  4. let me choose another book..."It could have been an early spasm, or it could have been Buck making a sudden movement, but either way there was now a hole in the glass" oh er!

  5. "Eric was the old gardener who came in from the village on Saturday mornings to poke around at her garden with a stick."

    Huh. Eerily accurate.

  6. "The search for all your skills has additional benefits in the selection of alternative career strategies".
    Hm. It's not my book though. Just sayin'...

  7. I won't ask what the books are :)

  8. Proper lubrication of internal lock parts is important.
    (I had to skip 45 and 46 because they were bullets and diagrams.)

  9. [rough translation from French]
    If the son of a miller, with such celerity
    Wins the heart of a princess,
    And makes her stare him with dying eyes,
    That is because clothing, face and youth,
    To inspire tenderness,
    Are not always indifferent ways.

    ...Are you trying to tell me something ?

  10. She stared, shocked into shutdown.