Saturday 21 September 2013

Calling All Musicians

Would you like a link to one of yours tracks featured in this post? Post a link in the comments to your Youtube/Soundcloud/Bandcamp etc. chosen song and it will be posted in the order the comments appear. Also can you mention which part of the world you hail from. All types of music welcome. Except Nickelback.

Denzil AKA from Larne, Northern Ireland

Aggressors BC from Belfast City

PARANOÏD from Pontoise, France

Buck Eejit from Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Track taken from the 3rd demo (2005) from Miami hardcore punk rock outfit S4S

The Cloud Carpets from Barcelona, Spain

MusicByVe - A New Conviction. From Sweden

Repulse from Larne/Doagh, Northern Ireland

Bitch Slappers from Paris, France

Stress Reliever from Doagh, Northern Ireland

Chepa from France

Peng Weng V Thatboytim from Doagh/Dublin

Eight of Spades from France

Very Bad Acid from Doagh, Northern Ireland

Black Bomb A from France

Hagler from Doagh, Northern Ireland

Toffeecookies from Northern Ireland

Nekroskop from Sweden

Lycosidaus Keuthein from North Dakota

Trace-On from Brooklyn

Robyn G Shiels from Belfast

Cover by Bodyblow ft Mark Laverty from Empty Mag from Northern Ireland

0ldfinger from Scotland

Odibal from Larne, Northern Ireland

The Inver Sessions from Northern Ireland

Acid Nab From Northern Ireland

Demargeo from Northern Ireland

Danny Dub Riot from Belfast

Larry E from Indiana


  1. Adel from Brooklyn, NYC.


    The Cloud Carpets from Barcelona, Spain

  3. Good idea, made me finally get a soundcloud account :)
    Here's one of my songs (from Sweden):

  4. Awesome idea! Here's a song from Nekroskop. We come from Sweden.

  5. Sheeesh, everyone's a musician!

    Here's my newest little creation:


    Trace-on., from Brooklyn. Thanks! This is a great idea.

  7. The famous 0ldfinger trips balls:

    Well, not really famous.

  8. Great Martin, where are you from?

    1. Hi Joanne ! Thanks for posting my video. My alter ego 0ldfinger would describe his self as coming from Scotland. Love your blog - it's the second one I open every single day. Kee the good stuff coming!

    2. Ah you're just across the water from me, Martin! Thanks for coming back to this madness every day. PS. what's the first one you visit? lol

  9. hi
    odibal from Larne, Co.Antrim

  10. A Christmas song, music by me, words by Ogden Nash. (It sets to music a poem of Ogden Nash's, "A Carol For Children.")

    1. Christmas is coming n all! Where are you from?

    2. Me? I'm from Bloomington, Indiana. Originally from Jeffersonville, Indiana.