Saturday, 29 March 2014

Frocess Road, County Antrim, Northern Ireland


  1. Know it well. Pity some of the trees died. Hope the new ones planted grow quick. Hope to see it later this year if get back over, & take a wee tour to Coleraine & north coast, when go to see the revered agéd one in Bangor. Little like this here in Frogland. Thanks for reminding me what one of me memories really looks like. The Frocess Road to Coleraine is often in me dreams of the aul sod. Trying to speak French in a mix of Belfaws & Coleraine/north Antrim accent (despite being a former Bangorian, disnae work too well hie!

    1. Paul, there's a bit of work going on round that part of the road, making it into a dual carriageway, I think. Snapped in just in case they disappear completely. Oui, mister. ;)