Thursday 17 April 2014

Deep Pan Pillow


  1. OMFG! Could everyone please put their glasses on, before labelling, or commenting on photos. THAT IS NOT PIZZA!. It is her handbag.

    1. OMG OMFG OMFFG etc, Sense of humour, hellooooo?

    2. You're the drunk in the photo, aren't you?

    3. No, that is NOT me, in the photo. I am a guy. I just don't see anything funny about totally missing that this is OBVIOUSLY not pizza. Besides the fact that the picture has been floating around the internet for months, and you just seem to have found it, now.
      I guess I should just be glad this post didn't start another round of crude jokes about how the commenters though this was a perfect opportunity to "take advantage" of her.

    4. I'm sure no one forced her to get into this undignified state. It looks like a pizza so I'm calling it one. Not everything here is to be taken literally, or pigeon-holed to any specifications. Freedom for all.