Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fox Found Sleeping In Family's Spare Bedroom

Sarah Preddy and her partner Colin Linton, of Romford, Essex, were enjoying a Sunday morning cup of tea, when they discovered the ‘arrogant’ animal relaxing on the bed in their spare room after pet dog, Molly, became restless. They said upon opening the door they saw bushy-tailed squatter had made itself at home on top of the duvet.

“It was just sitting there in the corner,” said Sarah. “It must have wandered in through the patio and up the stairs. It was so bold, I couldn’t believe it.” It apparently stayed at their house for another hour before it finally left, with Sarah’s step-sons managing to take photographs of the fox lying on the bed and then making its way out down the stairs.


  1. They should have felt lucky and offered it a bite to eat.


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