Friday, 27 February 2015

You Know It's Cold When...


  1. Alternate title: How dumb are you?" How cold it is has nothing to do with how much it snows. Snow depends on how much moisture is in the atmosphere. Who leaves a mop bucket full of water outside in winter? Making snow sculptures also has nothing to do with how cold it is, so long as it is cold enough to make snow. Same with icicles. In fact, the colder it is, the less likely it is to melt snow. Although these icicles may have been created by a water leak.

    1. Well yes, you know it's cold when ice freezes...also snow is a sign of a lack of heat, it's not often you find snow in a warm climate now, is it? Have a fun day, you need it

    2. That answer makes no more sense than the original post. What about any of those pictures indicates they were taken in a warm climate. It is obvious that I have offended you, but the naiveté of that title was very annoying. Just to make sure that I was not over reacting, I showed the post to several friends, without comment. Most responses were along the lines of "duh?"

    3. Thanks for showing my blog to your friends. Pity all they can say is Duh, bless them! ;)


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