Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How To Sleep In Class


  1. Our history teacher (A.K.A. Benito), in Bangor Grammar had all our notes printed and installed in a hardback binder, so we'd little to do in class, when he was in full flow, and umpteen of us fell asleep behind the binders set on desks like Berlin wall. Except one who will remain nameless, but the few if any from that class that will ever read this, knew and saw, to our disgust, history gave him a hard on, and played with himself behind the binder. Can never be unseen - 14/15 at time, and approaching 52 now, and blotted in my poor brain til this day! At time - late '70s told the curriculum too long and all embracing, never try questions not covered in class. Like couple of other "O" levels only passed by own reading and interests and answered questions on subjects never covered in class. Remember a few science classes where there were cupboards under desks, and i rolled up like a hedgehog and slept there the whole class. that's why i'm such a genius now! Not.

    1. My word! Hahaha no bleaching of the eyeballs will remove that vision, Paul :)


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