Saturday 12 September 2015

Lay's Flavours


  1. Are they real or just suggestions Jo? One day i'll do the serious of the gawd awful translations in Franglais they do ere in France. I want CHEESE AND ONION, PICKLED ONION, why the f they dinnae do em in France bates me bay.Onion rings are pale comparisons to UK , seemingly only produced in supermarkets' own brands. Getting the fact Lays are our UK and Irish Walkers crisps, over to Frogs, still hard to explain, even after four years to friggin locals (yes bugs me). Where do i get a Tayto franchise?! Bon weekend biloute, from the "Wild Goose" whose gone native "Chez les Ch'tis". You can get the beer back there - but bet yer pronuncimination as bad as mine before emigrated to this weird planet. Shhti - not Chitty!! B'ave!

    1. They have to be fake, was there not a competition to create new flavours or something? Tayto, you must miss it so badly :)