Sunday 6 December 2015



  1. I have a friend named Clint who used to work in his family's plumbing business along w/ his father and grandfather who both eventually retired. Clint didn't have the money to buy them out, so he went to work for a local larger company with a few dozen employees. They supplied the uniforms which had name tags as well. His first batch said "Clit" on them. His boss didn't think it was funny, but Clint said that at least they hadn't misspelled it to what is on the above graphic.

    Another friend had just told me about tearing down a wall in his old house and finding all sorts of things scribbled on the wall studs that had been covered up for decades and it reminded me of a time I was helping my friend Clint put in a new sewer line for a customer. We were digging down to the old cast pipe and noticed some writing in white paint on the pipe, barely legible. Clint called his dad to come take a look and after he got there and had a good laugh, said that when HE was a boy, there was another old plumber here in town named Bigelow, which made the writing make sense. The writing on the pipe went like this:

    "Through these lines
    Turds must flow
    Plumbing done by

    1. Hahaha that's a fantastic anecdote, Mike :D Thanks for sharing lol