Wednesday 27 January 2016



  1. That reminds me of a joke. (and, as my friends say when I say that "What doesn't?")

    A UFO landed next to an old gas station in a remote area and two aliens got out, weapons drawn and alert for danger. They walked up to one of the pumps and one alien commanded "Take me to your leader." Of course the pump didn't say anything, not even when the alien asked the question several times. In frustration, the alien shot the pump with his raygun and of course, it blew up. The aliens ran for their lives back to their ship, taking off in a panic and didn't speak until they were in orbit. One turned to the other and said:

    "Those Earthlings sure are touchy, aren't they?"

    The other replied "Yeah, but are they ever hung!"

    1. Hahaha nice one, Mike. I only remember ONE joke when put on the spot.

      Did you hear about the Irish Magician? He couldn't pull a rabbit out of a hat so he pulled a hare out of his hole.

      Still makes me laugh.

    2. LMAO

      I used to claim to my friends that if they brought up a subject, I could tell a joke about it. I'm getting old and a lot more forgetful, so I am not sure I could do that these days.

      I DO remember a joke about bus drivers: In Greece, when bus riders see the sign "Step to the driver's rear", they take it literally.

    3. Hahahaha you're still sharp, Mike