Tuesday 16 February 2016

Not A Cat Expert, But...


  1. When I was married, I was away from home a lot, working on drilling rigs. One evening my wife called, terribly distraught and telling me her cat had been in a fight and had its stomach ripped open. Now, I disliked that cat and if it had been up to me, I'd have just had the vet put it down, but instead I told her to take it to the animal doctor and have it stitched up.

    The procedure the vet used was unique to me, but I later found out it wasn't all that unusual; the cat's hind leg was brought up, shaved and then sewn to the wound, creating a type of skin graft. It cost a load of money, but worked. After it healed up, I was looking at the cat's healed wound and then saw something unusual on the cat's leg that was used for the graft...looking closer, I saw it was a strange bump and just like the graphic, I realized it was a nipple that had been grafted onto the leg when the doctor made the incision that separated the stomach/leg after the wound had healed.

    Yep, had a teat on its leg.

    I love cats and would have liked that one if it had been anywhere near friendly. It hated everyone and was the most stuck-up and snooty cat I'd ever been around, plus it was prone to scratch and bite if you got close to it. After my wife and I split, I thought she should have taken that damn feline with her, but she left it with me, along with another couple of female cats she had taken in and they all had litters. None of the females would use the cat doors, but started crapping all over the place if I didn't keep their litter boxes spotless. The animal control officer was across the street one afternoon and I got rid of the three momma cats and their litters all in one fell swoop.

    1. I wonder if tit-leg is still alive? Cats do multiply v fast

  2. My friend had a husband from Micronesia. He called her one day very worried about their cat. It was making a strange noise, it sounded like it was snoring or rumbling or something?!

    Apparently, cats don't purr in Micronesia.