Friday, 9 December 2016

Polish Christmas Ad - English For Beginners


  1. Ah need it mesel Jo - Ulster/Scots or Coleraine/north Antrim isnae exactly English hie! I have til speak in a false posh very precise English accent for the few French, here in the wild north (ither than the missus) that speak English to unnerstan. I lived for a few years in University Avenue, Belfast, in a shared house with a load of studendts, and even more Polish workers. Love the Poles, but never again will I try to out drink em. Had to carry several Poles, male and female up the wooden hill, to beddie boes, when they passed out (sometimes I won!). Bon weekend et joyeux Noel, if don't comment before Chrimbo. Hope you and the wee man have a wonderful Christmas Jo. To use the royal we, my wife and I are now grandparents to our first little bon homme, Cyrille Junior. Course only 2 months old, but spoilt rotten by the aul farts - I'm working on teaching him to blow raspberries, like me nefs and nieces before. Everybody needs a crazy Irish uncle or aunt (they call me wife ta ta [a diminuation of auntie] Tomate - auntie Tomato (long story), and decided I'm Oirish, so I'm Ton ton patate (Unca spud)!) Party on dudette. Calins et bisous. xoxo

    1. No one here understands me either, Paul. I've been asked what part of Scotland I'm from :D University avenue, probably best craic was had there. Hope you and all the family have a great Christmas Uncle Spud :D


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