Wednesday, 22 February 2017

On The River


  1. A the fun of the old primary school readers. Dick, Dora, and Fluff the cat. Was the early flowering of my warped sarcastic sense of humour. Dick liked stroking Dora's Fluff. If we knew what we were saying back then we'd have got a crack on the back of the heid at the very least. Books written by sadists, pervs or stoners to lead us innocent wee wains astray. I was already going that way, but the information, and ammunition it gave me at an age where I should not have been so knowing so early, was incredible for confusing and gobsmacking adults too! Bon weekend petal, and hugs to the sprog. I use the royal we - we are now grandparents of five months, and have descended into continious babby talk even when the wee man isn't here.

    1. lol I led a sheltered life, had no idea what I was reading back then :D

      Know what you mean about babby talk, I don't know anything else! Enjoy it all the same :)

  2. Here's a related classic by Pinkard & Bowden.


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