Monday, 10 September 2018

What's Wrong With This Picture?


  1. 1. Night/Day
    2. Carrot plant
    3. June 31
    4. Curtains outside window
    5. Clock numbers backwards
    6. Brooms in refrigerator
    7. Books in cabinet
    8. Undersink shelf where sink should be
    9. Chair missing roller
    10. Chair on rollers?
    11 Cabinet handle inside
    12. Floor buffer on rug?
    13. Boot/slipper
    14. Pant leg cuffed/uncuffed

    I had a few minutes to kill, how'd I do?

    1. That's a lot! I've just spotted a few more, cuff on girl's sleeve, key in fridge?. There might be something wrong with the shape of taps and the window frame but now I'm just nit-picking :)

  2. Wow. All I got was: She's doing the housework while he sits on his lazy ass.

  3. Calendar's days starts with Wednesday.

  4. What's wrong? The decor is horrible, the colors clash, the cat is locked in the ice box, there's no beer in the fridge, there are no visible firearms and she's not naked.

    What am I missing? Help me out here.

  5. Through the window it is dark, but the back yard has sunlight