Saturday, 9 November 2019

1980's British Celebrities And Their Hideous Jumpers

Do you recognise any of these? 


  1. I recognised most but of the names I know there is Giles Brandreth, [an actress from Eastenders Angie Dickinson?], John Inman, Richard Briers, Floella Banjamin, Christopher Biggins, then I give up (slightly)

    1. I think Bonnie Langford, Christopher Biggins and Matthew Kelly are in there too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. With help from the hints above, here's my list so far:

    1 + 2. (on the tip of my tongue!)
    3. Gyles Brandreth (born 1948)
    4. Bonnie Langford (born 1964
    5. John Inman (1948-2007)
    6. Richard Briers (1934-2013)
    7. Floella Benjamin (born 1949)
    8. Christopher Biggins (born 1948)
    9. Matthew Kelly (born 1950)
    10. (?)
    11. Simon Cadell (1950-1996)

    These style of jumpers were so en vogue! Terrible, terrible times, haha! I suppose some aren't so bad? Maybe, almost?


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