Sunday, 11 November 2012

Some Ear Candy

 Had the pleasure of seeing the following bands last night


  1. Wow, at 43 years, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see some band names I have known from the past being repeated, but twice in one post? Seaweed was a relatively well-known punk/grunge band from the Seattle scene in the 90's and (different spelling) Numbskull was a crappy one-hit metal band from the early 90's. It seems weird to me that (assuming that) the people in these bands are most likely younger than me, they would also be more likely to be more internet savvy than me and would know how to check the internet to see if their band name has already been used by someone else previous to them....go figure....

    1. Michael, the first band is called The Winter Passing, not Seaweed.

      Numskull, I doubt give a shit, after having met them.