Thursday, 30 May 2013

I.T. Question For You

Right my internet is up and running again. I got this laptop cooling tray (thought PC was dying). When I plug it in it types out Google's website and opens...and tries to guess my password if I plug it in before it has booted...WTF? Any ideas? Also, an insect crawled out of it.


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    1. Exactly how it sounds, I plug it in, it just starts typin'...and trying to guess my pc password. I took it apart can't see anything obvious, it has 4 USB slots and a mini one...?

    2. That's awesome! Well it's terrible, but cool too! You need to do a documentary on it.

    3. The internet can do without my computer-phobic squeals of terror!

  2. That's not really enough information... or ...

    When you plug in the cooling tray your computer tries to run If you plug it in before it is booted it attempts to login - possibly also typing, but the key strokes are hidden... right?

    And an insect crawled out it.

    Does your fan run a lot and is the computer hot? I think you should open it (or have it opened) and clean it out. Heat is the worst enemy of your laptop and dust clogs up the cooling system. Your system will run slower in an attempt to generate less heat. Eventually, heat can kill. Compressed air is your friend.

    The case of the self-typing cooling pad is strange. What brand is it? Why Google? It would make more sense if it wanted to open an ad site...


    1. The second I plug it in it types Google 3 or 4 times, ahh maybe typing Google into the login a few times (there's about 40 characters, hidden).

      The insect, I think is unrelated to the problem but it did make me feel weird, and I lost it.

      The computer is quite hot, fan doesn't fun that much. Last time I spray-dusted a computer something exploded so I gently blew round the vents with a cold hairdryer :)

      There's no brand on the thing, made in China, it's just called a Laptop Cooling Tray...I suppose I should have paid more than 5 pounds...

  3. Wow. Know any technological exorcists?
    I guess I would lose that cooling tray and scan scan scan your computer for viruses and the like. Good Luck.

    1. An exorcist! That's the solution :) No viruses, just a lot of old madness

  4. Something is really fishy.

    I've heard of malware being distributed via USB powered devices. The fan tray won't only draw power from the computer, but it'll mount a hidden USB drive that tries to install malware. Think of it as if you plugged a USB hub into your computer, plugged the fan *and* a usb drive into the hub. Except all that stuff is hidden inside the fan.

    One way of getting around Windows' malware protection is for it to emulate a keyboard as well and try to type in commands to run the malware on the USB drive.

    I've only heard of something like that being done in a lab, but I wouldn't put it past some factory worker in a 3rd'ish world country to make an extra buck by putting that stuff in.

    I don't really have a "do this to fix it" answer, unfortunately. Just lending you what I can think of.

    1. Thanks James, the thing only cost £5 or so, maybe that's how they make their money, by stealing details. I've Googled it, which has really come up with nothing.

      On opening the USB casing I could see nothing obvious but I'm sure they can make these devices tiny. Gonna take it to a friend who has more understanding in these things.