Thursday 30 May 2013

Look After The Internet For Me

I am getting the ripe old Broadband speed of 0.07mbps so I'm giving up until it's fixed. I'm growing a beard, here. See ya soon.


  1. Oh no no no, you can't do that to me!
    I mean, what do I feed it?
    What time is its bedtime?
    Oh no, this is worse than unexpected puppies, I really don't know what do do, google 'Looking after the internet', maybe.
    And what if it messes on the carpet? (I haven't got a carpet, but you didn't know that)
    Oh no. it's your internet, you can't be just dropping it on my doorstep, and swanning off without a care in the world.....

    1. Ha ha, can you assure me you have given this full ownership? It has terrible diarrhea!