Friday, 28 December 2007

a list

I like making lists, especially alphabetical ones
A-Z of music. Good music!

A Certain Ratio - Do the Du
Black Flag - TV Party
Codeine - Loss leader
Dead Milkmen - Punk rock girl
Elvis Costello - Watching the detectives
Fine Young Cannibals - Johnny come home
Guns n Roses - You could be mine
Husker Du - Eight miles high
Iron Maiden - Can i play with madness
Joy Division - She's lost control
Kate Bush - This womans work
Libertines - Don't look back into the sun
Misfits - Last caress
New Order - Round and round
Ohio Players - Love rollercoaster
Palace Brothers - Come in
Queens of the stone age - No one knows
Rolling Stones - Under my thumb
Supremes - You keep me hanging on
Therapy? - Nowhere
U2 - Gloria
Voodoo Queens - Supermodel superficial
Who - Boris the Spider
X-ray spex - Oh bondage up yours!
Yardbirds - For your love
Zutons - It's the little things we do


  1. A Great list!
    You might be interested in these pics i took of Will Oldham this year in Manchester &
    Bono in 2003 in London when he came on as a (drunken)guest of Daniel Lanois.
    Ive seen Elvis Costello several times tho without a camera.

  2. Good stuff, I bet drunk Bono was a laugh!

  3. He forgot the words & the audience had to sing it for him!(he wasnt billed to appear.just turned up for the encore!) It kinda made up for me missing him in Dublin several summers earlier when i was there visiting friends.we were stuck on the DART having to wait for the U2fans pouring out of Landsdown Road after the gig......i didnt even know they were on!)


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