Friday, 28 December 2007

Mysterious Rock Frogs


  1. Interesting Stories although the photos didnt come out on my pc (?)
    Have you ever read Fortean Times magazine?The same area ......(more!) photos here when,last year,a few of us went to London for The Fortean UnCon .some interesting speakers.........(including Rat Scabies ex-Dammed .see photo of him with Chris.

  2. I used to read it regularly, some weird and wonderful things in there, also the Fortean TV show with the vicar, it was good too.

    Photo 64 is a gem! Looks like a great day out. I would hardly have recognised Rat Scabies...He doesn't look so ratty these days :-)

  3. by "photo 64" do you mean this??? where the fuck did that come from?!How weird! I dont remember that one!(the penalty of taking so many photos.i never look at them!)Thank You Joanne!I think its my new Header on the blog!
    The Uncon was held at The Quakers Hall over a weekend.
    Some of Fortuan is a bit silly to me.but some is really interesting.......

  4. Yeah that's the one...maybe aliens intercepted your camera...

  5. lord! It wouldnt be the first time.......

  6. In all these years I have been browsing on the net I can't say that I've seen the whole of the internet. At least once a week I find something here that amazes me.


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